About Trevor

Trevor went to college at Lincoln Christian University and completed his degree in Preaching with a minor in Youth Ministry. He followed this up with a teaching degree from Wheaton University. During the next three years, he pursued his love of music playing as a drummer in a band. However, the Lord led him back to ministry—first youth ministry, then preaching, where he spent ten years serving in Dallas, Texas. Trevor joined Christ's Church as Lead Pastor in 2013. His passion is for people who haven’t quite found what they’re looking for in life, and playing a part in leading them to redemption and transformation. When he’s not doing ministry work, he’s spending time with his wife, Laura, and their two daughters, Ella and Natalie. They love enjoying the outdoors and this means lots of golf, basketball, and walks in the park. Having meals together and going on vacations as a family are also very important to them. Trevor’s other passions are music, photography, the arts, and the Florida Gators. If you ever have dinner with Trevor, you’ll find that he is quick-witted, loves applesauce (on everything), and never drinks out of a straw (it creeps him out). His ultimate goal in life is “that it’s been evident that I’ve spent time with Jesus.”